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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty has a total of 2 properties to buy in Les Bons, in the Encamp parish. We are the real estate agency in Les Bons that can offer you the service you need to find the house or flat you are looking for with the maximum satisfaction.

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Living in Les Bons, a historical and inherited icon of Andorra

In spite of being perfectly integrated within the parish of Encamp, the first great city after leaving behind the capital of Andorra by the main road 2 towards France is the town of Les Bons, which has managed to maintain all its singularities in a virtually intact way, conferring to this place a unique identity and a unique essence in the Principality. In 2017, according to data from the Department of Statistics of the Government of Andorra, the town of Les Bons had an estimated population of 1159 inhabitants.

Incredible views to Encamp and the historical site of Les Bons

Les Bons village
Located at a height of 1274 meters, the town of Les Bons not only has privileged views to the city of Encamp, located at a lower level, at 1238 meters, but it also offers one of the best perspectives of all Andorra to contemplate the incredible beauty of the historic site of Les Bons. Considered a key piece of the historic heritage of Andorra, this complex, located in the upper part of the village of Les Bons, stands out above all because of its imposing watchtower that dominates the entire landscape, also known as the Torre dels Moros.

Gateway to Grandvalira

As in Encamp, the village of Les Bons is another gateway to Grandvalira, that is why it is a perfect location to establish a second residence, especially for all skiing and snow lovers. Precisely, just a few meters away from the centre of Les Bons, there is the popular Funicamp, cable-car, with a 6 km tour by Els Cortals and a 1250 meters positive slope. This infrastructure, which connects the parish with the base of the Encamp-Grandvalira sector, allows to enjoy all kinds of activities throughout the year, obviously skiing being the main claim.

There is also the possibility of taking the same route through the Els Cortals road. If we opt for this alternative, a midway diversion offers us a peaceful pedestrian walk of 3 km known as the Pardines Path,which connects with the emblematic Engolasters Lake, one of the great tourist attractions of Andorra.

Apart from accessing Les Bons from the capital by the CG-2 road, it can also be accessed from La Massana through the tunnel of the two Valiras or the mountain port that was part of the major stage of La Vuelta 2015 of Anyós and Beixalís.

Life in Les Bons is calm and familiar. Together with the town of Encamp, El Tremat, La Mosquera and Vila, they form a single main urban nucleus. Businesses allow you to live here without having to travel to other locations. Large parks and landscaped areas capture most of the family's leisure and free time residents, along with restaurants, huts and cafés where you can enjoy good food, parties and sports facilities. For some years now, the traffic towards the rest of the localities in the direction of France is diverted by the periphery of the locality, thus avoiding inconveniences to its citizens.

For all this, living in Les Bons is synonymous with doing it in a unique place in Andorra, highly valued by future residents not only because of the beauty and facilities offered by the surroundings, but also because it is one of the most emblematic areas of Andorra from a heritage and historical point of view.

Featured sites in the village of Encamp

  • The historical site of Les Bons is, without a doubt, the main attraction of the village of Les Bons and one of the most important assets in the Principality. It consists of the Church of Sant Romà de Les Bons, an old tower of defense (Torre dels Moros), two pigeon houses (Casa Rossell and Casa Cotxa) and a water deposit excavated in the rock (Bany de la Reina Mora). This important historical site has some of the most important Romanesque works in the country.
  • The Church of Sant Romà de les Bons is, along with the emblematic watchtower known as the Torre dels Moros, the best known building of the monumental complex of Les Bons. This church, of Romance-Lombardo tendency and consecrated on January 23, 1164, was erected on a square semicircular apse. Among the various elements that are preserved in this place, the belfry with its two gothic bells, as well as the sixteenth century altarpiece by El Mestre de Canillo to worship the figure of Sant Romà d'Antioquia, stand out. Inside the porch, the original entrance door topped by a half-point arch is one of the few examples of monumental sculpture that is preserved in Andorra.
  • La Torre dels Moros is an old watchtower that very possibly could be part of a fortified enclosure. Although the exact date of its construction is unknown, different studies agree that it is a tower of the late sixteenth century. Apart from visiting the exterior, it is recommended to climb up to the top of the tower, from where you can contemplate an incredible panoramic view of all Encamp, as well as the valley and the royal road that connects with France.
  • The Funicamp, with a 6 km route and 1250 meters of positive gradient, is the cable-car that connects the centre of Encamp with the Grandvalira slopes. With a base that is much lower than normal, this infrastructure is located in an environment with a more temperate climate.
  • The Els Cortals d'Encamp road allows you to escape in a few minutes from the centre of the city and enjoy a much more relaxing natural and mountain environment. A place that inspired Michael Warren in the conception and creation of his sculpture “Pagan place”. Halfway, in one of the lateral deviations, you will find the popular road of Les Pardines. This itinerary, 3 km away and an easy route, takes you from Els Cortals d'Encamp to the Engolasters Lake. One of the most remarkable aspects of this place is the wonderful botanical garden made up of native species, as well as an old reconstructed charcoal.
  • The ethnographic museum of Casa Cristo is undoubtedly one of the best examples that are preserved in Andorra to discover the customs and way of life of the Andorran people, specifically from a humble family of day laborers, from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.

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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency in Les Bons. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the characteristics of our properties and the places where they are located. In addition, if you are a foreign real estate investor, we have a specialized department that can inform you of all tax advantages and legal requirements to invest in the purchase of a house or property in Les Bons. If you are interested in living in other villages in Encamp and you want to know the offer of flats for sale and houses to buy in this parish, Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency.

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