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The mountains in summer, paradise in shades of green..

Views of the area Grau Roig | © Andorra Tourism

In summer, Andorra is completely transformed, and a green mantle covers the entire Pyrenean landscape.

With the arrival of the month of May, still with very occasional snowfalls, the temperatures and hours of sunshine help sweep away the snows of winter, making way for the green valleys of the Andorran geography.

Maximum splendour is achieved in the months of July and August. Every corner of Andorra is revealed, including even the most inaccessible ones, giving themselves up to summer with unique colours; fresh, summers smells, and Mediterranean temperatures. Truly, absolutely and uniquely natural.

Mountain hut "Comapedrosa" | © Andorra Turisme
Mountain hut “Comapedrosa” | © Andorra Turisme

September arrives and, with it, the magic of autumn. In October, the first snowfalls remind us that, although the summer transforms everything, Andorra and its mountains are the eternal lovers of white snow.

Infinite landscapes

Drive across a mountain pass, come out of the bend and discover sensational views. Rest at sunset beside the Tristaina lakes. Follow one of the tracks or paths edged by thousands of flowers and end with a cup of coffee on a charming terrace… is there anything more wonderful? Yes, there’s even more!

Mountain pathway "Fontaneda" to La "Collada de la Gallina" | ©Andorra Turisme
Mountain pathway “Fontaneda” to La “Collada de la Gallina” | ©Andorra Turisme

Pure air and nature everywhere

In the city or one of its charming high mountain villages, in Andorra you will always be amid nature. Omnipresent and imposing, the mountains are a unique setting, with tracks, paths, lakes, national parks, wonderful spots and picturesque villages.

Natural Park of "Les Valls del Comapedrosa" | © Andorra Tourism
Natural Park of “Les Valls del Comapedrosa” | © Andorra Tourism

Several metres nearer the stars. More pure air: breathe in and out. Plan a day of sport and explore your body’s limits by climbing the Casamanya peak; breathe in and out. Smell the aroma of damp grass after a little light summer rain in one of Andorra’s incredible valleys. Enjoy.

Discover and contemplate

Visit a 12th-century Romanesque chapel and contemplate a Gothic altarpiece from the early 16th century (Sant Joan de Caselles). Take time to discover markets with crafts and local products. Discover secrets hidden amid slopes, lakes and paths. Contemplate one of the highest vineyards in the world; surrender to the flavour of a typical, unique high mountain dish, made with the heat of creativity and the quality of local products.

Church of Sant Climent de Pal | © Andorra Tourism
Church of Sant Climent de Pal | © Andorra Tourism

Mountains of activities

Alone or in the best company, the mountains in summer are a unique destination full of exciting sensations and adrenalin as well as quieter options for the whole family. Go diving in a lake; follow a via ferrata and earn the reward of views of the Canillo valley; enjoy an open-air concert in one of the most idyllic landscapes in the world, the Incles valley. See how children explore the mountains as if they were a site specially prepared for all their games. Play golf and lose the ball in a unique horizon. Follow dizzy descents by bike; climb a great wall: up and up. A celebration in a village; a music festival.

"Segudet" forest adventure | © Andorra Tourism
“Segudet” forest adventure | © Andorra Tourism

Arrive and feel at home

All roads lead to Andorra. Whether you come from Spain or France, reaching this corner of the Pyrenees is easy and a real experience: discover a country living and growing among mountains.

Andorra is a welcoming land concealing small marvels everywhere: a campsite; a typical mountain farmhouse; the biggest spa therapy centre in southern Europe; a hotel with charm; chalets to live in near a small waterfall; superb apartments filled with luxury and splendour; pretty houses.

Getting here is easy; feeling at home and falling in love with this country even easier.

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