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Living in Canillo, the largest parish

Postal code: AD100 | Coordinates 42º 33' 57.93'' North 1º 35' 48.12'' East | Average altitude: 1.530 m

Located in the northwest of the country, Canillo is considered to be the “summit of Andorra”, as it is one of the parishes with the highest altitudes. This parish is full of unique sites of immense beauty that beckon local residents to come out and enjoy nature. The Parish of Canillo is made up of a number of different towns: Canillo, Bordes d’Envalira, Soldeu, Incles, El Tarter, San Pedro, Ransol, Els Plans, Vilar, Armiana, L’Aldosa, Forn, Prats, Meritxell and Molleres.

Climate | Given its high altitude, Canillo has a cold and dry climate in the winter, when the snow that covers the mountains invites all to come out and enjoy snow sports. In the summer, the temperatures are milder and the mountain dons its best hues of green.

Language | The official language of the country is Catalan, although Spanish, French, English and Portuguese are commonly used throughout the entire territory of Andorra; and to a lesser degree Russian, German and other languages are also spoken here.

Local administration | Canillo accommodates the offices of national institutions and services, in addition to the “Comú” or Parish Council of Canillo. Just 20 kilometres away in Andorra la Vella are the main offices of the country’s national administration, as well as offices of international organisations, institutions and companies.

Financial services | Canillo accommodates the branch offices of the country’s five bank groups, which moreover have extensive business hours, Monday through Friday.

Transportation connections | Canillo enjoys good connections with both the national and international road systems and also has different helicopter landing points. Moreover, located just 60 km away is the Seu d’Urgell Airport (Spain), which receives flights with destination Andorra. The airport of Lleida (Spain) is an hour and a half away, and the international airports of Barcelona (Spain) and Toulouse (France) are only three hours away.

Educational Centres | There are two school centres in the Parish of Canillo (primary and secondary education), corresponding to two of the three educational systems that coexist in the country: the Andorran system, the French system and the Spanish system. Other parishes have private international schools, state-funded private schools (within the Spanish educational model), one professional training school, two conventional, presence-based universities and two online universities.

Shopping | If you decide to come to live in Canillo, you will find an abundant selection of shopping options associated with the ski, snow and mountain world. Shops carrying the top international ski brands and all the accessories you need to enjoy life in full contact with nature, always at very competitive prices, as the applicable Value Added Tax (known as the IGI in Andorra) is only 4.5%.

Grandvalira | There are many advantages to living in Canillo. Among others, you are sure to enjoy the largest ski area in the south of Europe. Endless ski slopes, top-notch services of all sorts, elite sports events on the world calendar and a diverse array of activities and events associated with the ski world. In the summer, the white of the snow gives way to a majestic green, the Golf Soldeu, the highest 9-hole golf course in Europe, offering a great challenge for golf lovers.

Recreation, entertainment | Culture, shopping, restaurants, mountain hikes, incredible parks, indoor and outdoor sports! When you live in Canillo, you are sure to enjoy a wide range of activities with the great advantage that they vary with the seasons.

Be sure to check with Andorra Sotheby’s International Realty for all the information you need to live in Andorra. We have a team of real estate professionals who can assist you in purchasing your house or flat in Canillo and guide you through all the necessary formalities so that you can come to live in our country.