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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty has a total of 1 properties to buy in Incles, in the Canido parish. We are the real estate agency in Incles that can offer you the service you need to find the house or flat you are looking for with the maximum satisfaction.

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Living in Incles, a privileged natural environment

Incles is an Andorran village located at 1795 m. of altitude, between the localities of Tarter and Soldeu , that has the name of the last protected natural valley found towards France. In 2017 it had a small population of 375 inhabitants, according to the statistics department of the Principality of Andorra.
Like most of the towns in the Grandvalira sector, Incles can be reached through the CG-2, halfway between Soldeu and El Tarter, bordering the final stretch of the Incles River just before it flows into the Valira de Oriente River. That source of life that always brings a degree of relaxation and natural beauty to the privileged resident.

At the base of the valley that names the village, the Incles Valley is considered one of the most privileged natural environments of the Principality of Andorra thanks to the beauty of the subalpine and alpine landscape that can be offered to the visitor. Its marked U-shaped glacier origin offers a wide and open area at the beginning, where the inhabitants of Incles live, and a beautiful lake closed by the highest mountains at the end of the valley.

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It is easy to understand that Incles is the starting point of many of the most emblematic itineraries in the country, such as the lake and refuge of Cabana Sorda, of Siscaró and Juclar, the largest lake in Andorra; the port of Incles (2,260 m.) and the path of the Roc de L'Home Dret..

Incles is basically a quiet and residential area. The majority of buildings on both sides of the main road are buildings of few floors built in the typical Pyrenean style of Andorra, based on stone, slate and wood, thus giving the resident a spatial warmth and a perfect integration with the landscape that surrounds it. As we enter the valley we find private houses and some huts converted into luxury homes where to establish the habitual residence of some of its inhabitants.

Featured sites in Incles

  • The Incles Valley offers endless possibilities for outdoor leisure to enjoy throughout the year alone, with family or friends. A protected environment which in summer is closed to the traffic to preserve the tranquility of the area. An electric vehicle is available for those who need to enter the valley without effort or simply to save time before starting a longer mountain route.
  • One of those possible routes is towards the Refugio and Lago de Juclar. A guarded refuge at 2310 m. next to the largest lake in Andorra. The sector offers a wide range of activities and interesting summits both on the Andorran and French sides. Other interesting and equally moderate routes are those that go to the lake of Siscaró (2,325 m.) or the lake and refuge of Cabana Sorda, well known among the families.
  • In less than 5 minutes we can directly access the ski slopes of Grandvalira, the most extensive ski resort in the Pyrenees, through the sectors of El Tarter or Soldeu, both included, year after year, in the European and the World Cup circuit of alpine skiing.
  • A picturesque place is the track of Parador Canaro, at the southern entrance of Incles, where many children, and those who are young at heart, have taken their first steps in the snow. An ideal place to make the first descents and spend a good family day skiing in the snow.

The most exclusive places

The Incles Valley and its protected natural environment is already an exclusive place where the construction of new homes is vetoed to protect the uniqueness of its flora and fauna.

Your real estate agency in Incles

real estate agency in Incles

Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency in Incles, in the parish of Canillo. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the characteristics of our properties and the places where they are located. In addition, if you are a foreign real estate investor, we have a specialized department that can inform you of all tax advantages and legal requirements to invest in the purchase of a house or property in Incles, Andorra.

If you are interested in living in other villages in Canillo and you are looking for flats or houses to buy in this parish, Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency.

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