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VallmedicVision, ophthalmological center in the Pyrenees with the most advanced technology in Europe

VallmedicVision Andorra

Vision is responsible for 90% of our sensory perception: it is essential for nearly all our daily activities (working, driving, leisure time). Due to refractive errors the majority of people are dependant on glasses or contact lenses in order to have a good vision. In many situations however they feel substantially impaired by having to use these visual correction aids.

Modern ophthalmology have developed solutions for nearly all refractive errors and currently any type of visual defect can be corrected safely with optimal results . Many scientific publications have demonstrated that laser refractive surgery with the latest technology is safer than wearing contact lenses.




VallmedicVision Andorra, the first private eye clinic in the Principality of Andorra, has the philosophy to offer only the most innovative technology combined with a personalized treatment to each patient. A team of experienced professionals together with the German medical director Dr. Ludger Hanneken,   offer customized solutions for all patients and brought cutting edge technology to Andorra. Dr. Hanneken has a long career as an ophthalmologist and specialized surgeon in correcting refractive errors and cataracts.




The best laser technology for the correction of refractive errors (LASER VISION CORRECTION)

Correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the two latest generation lasers:

  • Femtosecond Laser INTRALASE 150kHz.

In the first step of a LASIK surgery, this laser is responsible for making the cut (flap) with maximum precision and smoothness, allowing a less invasive, safer and more precise surgery.

  • Excimer Laser SCHWIND AMARIS 1050Hz.

It has never been so fast, accurate and safe to correct a refractive error: this laser corrects one dioptre in just 1.3 seconds. Precision and safety for a fully customized surgery.

For patients not being a  candidate for laser vision correction or those wanting a completely reversible vision correction, ICL lenses (Implantable Collamer Lens) are an excellent choice and alternative providing an excellent quality of vision (HD vision).



Perfect vision during a weekend

Is not that true that we are always lacking time?

For that reason we invite you to the Lasik Special Weekend: forget your glasses / lenses in a weekend thanks to modern FemtoLasik surgery.

Easily combined with a short stay in Andorra for you and your relatives:

Friday | Before 5pm – preoperative tests Lasik.

Saturday morning | Lasik intervention in both eyes.

Sunday morning | First postoperative control and return home enjoying a perfect vision without glasses.


New soft laser treatment for cataracts and presbyopia


Man Reading Book While Sitting On Fence Against Lake


Presbyopia affects everyone from 45 years. This often causes great discomfort. Looking for glasses in order to read the newspaper or for menu’s restaurant is new and very uncomfortable for many people.

The best laser technology for cataracts and presbyopia

The Femtofaco laser of LENSAR is the newest technology for cataract surgery and presbyopia. This laser has changed the character of this intervention by adding much more precision and smoothness. Its precision allows optimal visual benefits for each patient.

Cataract and presbyopia surgery with this level is right now the most advanced and secure medical intervention. Intraocular surgery with Premium Intraocular lenses can combine correction of all refractive deficits including presbyopia (dysfunctional lens syndrome).


Premium IOL (Intraocular Lenses)


Senior couple on country bike ride


Every patient has its own different objectives and vision needs. Modern Premium IOL’s have been built with special features and additional protections. Individualized and customized for each patient, its selection it is important in order to meet patients visual desires.


Eye floaters: new laser treatment

The person affected by eye floaters knows how uncomfortable it can be suffering from cloudiness within the visual field that can greatly reduce quality of vision. For the first time a special laser treatment has been developed, to encounter this visual problem. The ELLEX vitreolysis laser treatment is a new, safe and effective method to bring back clear vision to affected patients.




Questions to the expert: DR. LUDGER HANNEKEN

Dr. Hanneken, VallmedicVision is considered as an international leading clinic for refractive surgery, laser treatments and highly experienced in modern premium intraocular lenses.

foto8Q: Why did you decide to position the clinic in the premium sector?

A: The eyes are the most important sensory organ we have. After dedicating more than 25 years of my life to ophthalmology it is an obligation for me to use only the best available technology for my patients with the aim of achieving the highest possible degree of satisfaction.

Q: What are the differences to other clinics?

A: Thanks to the modern technology, we are able to correct higher graduations than in other centres. Depending on the thickness of the cornea, we can correct myopia up to -12 dioptres, +6 dioptres of hyperopia and astigmatism up to -6 dioptres. Our laser is unique in terms of quality and safety.

Q: What makes your clinic special?

A: Technology and people. Using the best technology combining it with experienced professionals, is essential to success. My main goal is to provide a highly-customized solution for each patient in a unique atmosphere. Or in simple words: ensuring the best possible vision for every patient.

Q: We know you’re always at the forefront of technology. What innovation has recently introduced in your centre?

A: Since last year we incorporated for intraocular surgery the new Femtofaco laser from LENSAR. Only very few clinics worldwide have access to the new developed Streamline™ technology which assures an unique accuracy and safety for clear lens and cataract surgery. Also unique in Spain and Andorra is the new ELLEX vitreolysis laser that allows us for the first time to eliminate successfully vitreal floaters that produce cloudiness in the visual field of many patients. This treatment is a change of paradigm in the treatment of these visual disturbances from which suffer many patients.

If you want more information about latest developments in ophthalmology and how to maintain a good visual health please contact: VallmedicVision | T. 00376 885544 | E-mail:

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