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Real estate market in Andorra: consolidated improvement.

The advances in the improvement of the country’s economic situation have also had an impact on the real estate sector, thus consolidating the tendency observed at the end of 2015.

The President of the Association of Real Estate Agents and Managers of Andorra (AGIA), Mr. Jordi Galobardas, has spoken prudently of “letting a little more time go by,” while admitting that “we have gradually been closing operations.”

The President of the AGIA insisted that much more work has to be done to close operations and that occasionally “operations are grouped together,” which prevents having a real vision of the sector.

In another respect, in the analysis of the types of operations, in the case of rental properties, there is a demand for high-level rentals which cannot be met at this moment, but in contrast “there is high-level product for sale.”

F. Diari Bondia (M.S.)