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Andorra, a Five Stars Country for real estate

The real estate market has been buzzing in Andorra for many months. The economic growth that the Principality is experiencing, together with the policy of economic openness driven by the Andorran Government, has increased the demand for both the sale and the rent market, with an additional boost to this last one. While this combination is causing gradual price increases per square meter, when seen from the perspective of investors it is a great opportunity to get excellent return performance both in the short and medium term.

One should not forget that the Andorran property market, especially in the field of luxury homes, has sustained a demand growth for quite a few years. Particularly, since the country has taken a path of opening to foreign capital, Andorra has become very attractive for people looking for a home right in the heart of the Pyrenees. The most recent developments have focused increasingly on the high-end market, with sustainable buildings built with quality materials, equipped with the latest technology and always looking for maximum comfort, in an urban setting as well as in a mountain setting.Central Valley - Escaldes-Engordany, Principality of Andorra -

The quality of life of the Principality, with an exceptional climate and a special concern to preserve its extraordinary natural environment, has always favoured of Andorra as a destination of choice for wealthy people seeking a peaceful retreat, discreet and exclusive. Andorra also has a public safety record almost unique in the world, with a crime rate so low that you can almost say that crime is non-existent in the country., In addition, the economic homologation and transparency process experienced in recent years has allowed Andorra to maintain a distinct advantage over other destinations and has helped to develop new economic sectors and new business opportunities.

Vall d'Incles -Canillo, Principality of Andorra -
Vall d’Incles -Canillo, Principality of Andorra –

Andorra also remains a top holiday destination in Southern Europe, with a steady increase of tourists in recent years, reaching about 8 million visitors in 2016, a figure that will certainly be exceeded in 2017. The improvements in the tourist attractions of the country, with winter resorts which are distinguished each year as the best in their geographical area, as well as in the summer with its combination of leisure offer and mountain sports, world class performances like Cirque du Soleil and a shopping experience unique for its diversity and competitiveness, suggest a magnificent future.

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