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Andorra is committed to the environment

The Principality of Andorra strives to be increasingly sustainable in all areas; encourage the population and the smallest of the house to participate in favor of the environment is one of the tools with more power.

The most significant initiatives that have been carried out are in this summary:

  • The Green School: This is a project managed by the “Sustainable Andorra Center” which aims to integrate sustainability into the day-to-day of the school, both at the center itself and at the students’ level. The energy, the water, the landscape, the noise and the air are some of the subjects that the students treat, who are encouraged to change their habits at home; Do not use silver paper or turn off the tap while brushing their teeth, they are one of the examples to follow.
  • International agreements: The Principality committed, in the United Nations Convention on climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; the country is committed to promoting electric mobility with the “Engega” Plan, as well as promoting renewable energies to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons and encourage recycling and reduction the waste.
Vall d'Incles
Vall d’Incles
  • Recovery of the Wildlife: Preserving the native species and their natural habitats is another fundamental work of the Principality. The population of otters has been recovered, as well as the “Quebrantahuesos” species.
Vall d'Incles
Vall d’Incles
  • Waste management: The selective collection of waste is an aspect to improve. The levels of selective collection are still above of the European Union average. The actions approved in this direction are: The declaration of department stores and supermarkets as singular waste producers, the creation of an environmental label for trade and the awarding of collection and management of organic matter near large producers.
  • Greenways: Increasing roads and green routes to encourage physical activity is a major task. The last road conditioned has been the Ordino royal road, between Santa Bárbara and Sornàs, which is part of the project that aims to unite the towns of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany with a road, passing through La Massana to the Sorteny Natural Park. Promote hiking and connect spaces of natural interest is one of the main objectives.
  • Cogeneration plant: FEDA inaugurated the country’s first cogeneration plant in Incles (Canillo). It produces electricity through liquefied gas, at the same time supplying the first district heating network in the Principality.

The ultimate goal is to obtain energies with less environmental impact.

  • National Landscape Strategy: Preserving, caring for and respecting the natural and rural landscape of our environment is everyone’s task and we must feel involved. The National Landscape Strategy, a pact that brings together various professional groups, advocates of this quality policy.

Source: Nieves Duran (La Vanguardia)