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No place like home

Imagine the scene. You’re sitting on the sofa at home, woolly slippers on your feet, a mohair blanket on your skirt. On the side table, a book and a still-steaming cup of tea, all while you watch the first snowflakes fall.

Do you see it? Now add in a few extra touches. Luxury of course, lies in the details.

The sofa is grey-skinned, and the blanket is warm and light. You remember buying it in a Danish market a couple of years ago, on
that trip in which it was so cold and you laughed so much. We should really go to Denmark again, you think.

Now fine-tune your vision to suit your tastes. Instead of a book, soft music is playing in the background of your thoughts while you enjoy the soft scent of cinnamon from the cup of hot chocolate that is warming your hands.

Or even better, there are two of you on the sofa and you’ve just opened a bottle of wine – a great year – while the fireplace casts
tongues of light into the night.

Casamanya WinterDenmark is the key to this entire story, as the idyllic setting that radiates such joy and comfort is very often conveyed with a single
Danish word: Hygge. Among the latest trends in the world of luxury and good living, it embodies comfort, the charm of small things and the warm hearth that is home.

The basic ingredients for Scandinavian happiness, which can also be imported to Andorra, where we place ideal spaces at your
disposal for making a luxury home, a truly majestic home within an extraordinary lifestyle, or a safe haven from which to imagine an ideal world.

At the centre of Hygge is the keen sense of how to build welcoming homes, and knowing how to share them.

Naturally, this is a concept that changes depending on who is listening. In the same way we can choose between books, tea,
chocolate and music, or a glass of wine by the fireplace, for others, this simple idea of happiness can translate into a bike ride or an outing, hearing the gentle hum of the rain, the smell of damp earth or a slice of watermelon in the summer.

In late 2016, Hygge was adopted as part of the Danmarkskanon, the canon of values with which Denmark defines its cultural DNA.

A core cultural make-up that we too can share in our mountains setting and, which especially invites one to nestle away during the cold days of winter.

Indeed, learning to be happy doesn’t even require going to such lengths. Just knowing how to pick the spot, and that is precisely
where we can be of assistance. At Andorra Sotheby’s International Realty we’re experts!

Choosing your favourite socks, we’ll happily leave up to you.