Andorra, a Five Stars Country for real estate

The real estate market has been buzzing in Andorra for many months. The economic growth that the Principality is experiencing, together with the policy of economic openness driven by the Andorran Government, has increased the demand for both the sale and the rent market, with an additional boost to this last one. While this combination is causing gradual price increases per square meter, when seen from the perspective of investors it is a great opportunity to get excellent return performance both in the short and medium term. Read more

Subasta Sotheby's

‘Dreaming in Glass’, the most exclusive auction of Tiffany lamps and mosaics

On 14 December, the Sotheby’s auction house located at 1334 York Avenue in New York was the chosen backdrop for the latest celebration of the traditional ‘Dreaming in Glass’ auction, a prominent auction featuring luxury lamps and mosaics by the prestigious jewellery firm Tiffany.

This auction, one of the most important and long-awaited events of the year, was complemented on 13 December with a prior public exhibit day, where the different collections up for auction were put on display. Yet another year, the bidding included masterpiece works made from a wide array of shapes and diverse techniques of the Tiffany studios.

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Oficines | Andorra Sotheby ‘s International Realty

The prestigious Sotheby’s International Realty® brand moves into the Principality of Andorra

The experience and knowledge of the local real estate market come together with the renowned international luxury property brand, giving rise to Andorra Sotheby’s International Realty, Andorra’s real estate agency that unites extraordinary lifestyles with the exclusive properties they deserve.

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