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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty has a total of 0 properties to buy in Pas de la Casa, in the Encamp parish. We are the real estate agency in Pas de la Casa that can offer you the service you need to find the house or flat you are looking for with the maximum satisfaction.

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Living in Pas de la Casa, the fourth highest town in Europe

Snow covered landscapes for more than half of the year, pure air at 2,080 meters high and a unique location next to France. Pas de la Casa is, without a doubt, the place in Andorra that stands out because of its uniqueness.

According to the latest data collected by the Department of Statistics of the Government of Andorra, Pas de la Casa had at the end of 2017 a population of 2,423 inhabitants, a figure which, however, significantly increases every year when the ski season starts.

Pas de la Casa, a town full of singularities

town de Pas de la Casa
If you pay attention to the name Pas de la Casa, the origin of the name is very curious, since it was created at the beginning of the twentieth century when there was only a shepherd's hut, known as Pas del Bac or Bac de la Casa. Over the years, this name would eventually lead to Pas de la Casa, as we know it today.

With an area of just 17 km², Pas de la Casa also offers different singularities from a geographic point of view. Thus, it is not just the fourth highest town in Europe, but it is also the only area in Andorra that is oriented towards the Atlantic side and is the birthplace of the Ariège river. Administratively, the singularities once again appear, as, despite being 17 km away, Pas de la Casa belongs for all purposes to the parish of Encamp.

Pas de la Casa, a reference destination for skiers around the world

ULocated at 2080 meters above sea level, Pas de la Casa has managed to make the most of its location, becoming, year after year, a top-level destination for thousands of skiers from all parts of the world. In this sense, the Grandvalira sectors of Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa become the main protagonists, offering a wide variety of slopes of different levels and one of the most spectacular and virgin landscapes of the whole Principality.

Along with skiing, which is one of the great economic engines in Pas, trade with low and competitive taxation thanks to border tourism, mainly from France, is another of the main sources of wealth of the Encampadana town.

Featured sites of Pas de la Casa

  • Envalira Pass: with a height of 2409 meters above sea level, the Envalira Pass is the mountain pass with the highest road in the Pyrenees. This pass, together with the Envalira Tunnel, is the only access by road from Andorra to France. In addition, just at the foot of the Envalira Pass, specifically in the municipality of Porta, there are the border with France facilities. The road that goes through the pass in Andorran territory is the Main Road 2 (CG-2), which becomes the National Route 22 (N22) as it going through France. As the only road connection between the two countries, it is not surprising that the the Envalira Pass is one of the roads with the highest traffic density in the whole Principality. An activity that does not stop for almost all the year, since it is precisely this pass the highest European pass open all year round. From a sports point of view, climbing to the Envalira Pass has been on different occasions in stages of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.
  • Sud Ràdio: built in 1957 at the head of the Envalira Pass, specifically 2,500 meters high, the radio station of Sud Ràdio was the highest radio station in Europe. It was so important in the middle of the twentieth century that on October 23, 1967 was visited by the President of the French Republic, Charles de Gaulle. This building, conceived as a ship, has currently no concrete utility, although the Government of Andorra has studied different options, such as the creation of a high-rise high-performance sports centre.
  • Border with France: just leaving Pas de la Casa there is the border that separates the Andorran and French territories. As in the border with Spain, the border with France is open to passenger traffic 24 hours a day. The main difference between the two border points is in the schedule of transport of goods and declarations of entry or exit. In this way, while the border with Spain is subject to a specific time, the border with France is open 24 hours a day.
  • Envalira Tunnel: built in Andorran territory, the Envalira toll tunnel is an infrastructure of 2879 meters in length located at 2000 meters high. Operating since September 29, 2002, the main objective of this tunnel is to avoid the most curved and dangerous areas of the Envalira Pass, considerably shortening the route that links Andorra with France by road. In this sense, the Envalira Tunnel represents an essential communication channel between northern Andorra and southern France, connecting, with a dual carriageway, the Andorran CG-2 with the French N22. Cataloged as the highest tunnel in Europe, the Envalira Tunnel not only overcomes the Envalira Pass, but also crosses, through a viaduct built on French territory, the Ariège river.
  • Pas de la Casa Sports Centre: singular because of its location, more than 2000 meters high, the Pas de la Casa Sports Centre is one of the largest sports facilities in Andorra. This centre also stands out for its great variety of activities: it offers martial arts, team sports, fitness, water activities, saunas, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, library and climbing wall, among others.

Your real estate agency in Pas de la Casa

real estate agency in Pas de la Casa andorra

Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency in Pas de la Casa. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the characteristics of our properties and the places where they are located. In addition, if you are a foreign real estate investor, we have a specialized department that can inform you of all tax advantages and legal requirements to invest in the purchase of a house or property in Pas de la Casa.

If you are interested in living in other villages in Encamp and you are looking for a flat or a house to buy in this parish, Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency.

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