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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty has a total of 0 properties to buy in Ansalonga, in the Ordino parish. We are the real estate agency in Ansalonga that can offer you the service you need to find the house or flat you are looking for with the maximum satisfaction.

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Living in Ansalonga (Andorra), rural tradition in the digital era

Ansalonga is the second village along the 14 km of road (CG-3) that connect the parish centre of Ordino with the ski resort of Vallnord Ordino-Arcalis. Halfway between Sornás and La Cortinada, the small village of Ansalonga had, in 2017 according to the Department of Statistics of Andorra, a population of only 58 inhabitants.

The few houses of the village have been constructed near the Valira Nord river, a source of life and energy in the past, and that today, this historical legacy, along with the traditions and customs of the rural life, coexist with quality tourism offer and the economy of the twenty-first century.

There is a single street from end to end of the village of about 100 meters long. It gives access to all the houses and exits, after crossing the bridge of the river, to the main road. It is a pedestrian street practically 99% of the time. The few moments that there may be a vehicle circulating, it does not usually exceed 10 km/h due mainly to the characteristics of the street and the village, which does not entail the slightest danger with regard to traffic. This singularity makes Ansalonga a calm, safe and relaxed place to live, where you can go out and enjoy life in the open air.

buy house or flat in ansalonga, ordino

The road is the main communication channel of the village with the other ones. It has been recently renovated thanks to an enlargement plan in which climbing and descending lanes for cyclists and another pedestrian lane protected by a wooden rail guard (more integrated in the landscape), that can lead you to Ordino in a few minutes, have been enabled.

In parallel, the Royal Path is also used to reach other villages by walking along the river through non-asphalt paths. A pleasant road surrounded by fields and nature that connects with the Iron Route and continues to El Serrat on one side or until La Massana on the other.

Featured sites in Ansalonga and the outskirts

  • The Church of Sant Miquel d'Ansalonga, declared of cultural interest, is a small chapel, restored during the first half of the nineteenth century, in which the religious ceremonies of the village were celebrated. Located on the other side of the river, it has a two-sided cover covered with slate stone and crowned with a bell-gable with a single opening. Inside there is a beautiful altarpiece on wood dedicated to Sant Miquel Arcàngel.
  • The monolith of Sant Cristòfol is a reproduction made by Antoni Naudí of the original work and of uncertain origin that disappeared from Ansalonga in the late 50's during the extension of the road. It is speculated that it could be a Christian prehistoric menhir. Another possibility is that it was from medieval times or a wayside cross, a milestone that was formerly placed at the entrance of the cities and villages from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. In any case, the new Monolith of Sant Cristòfol, of 1.4 m. of amplitude and about 70 cm. in width, has been installed in a meadow near the Ansalonga district, entering La Cortinada, where you can see the chiselled stone of the Andorran sculptor who, on the other hand, also has other works in the parish as the tribute to the iron men, some unique houses of the old town of Ordino and restoration works such as the one on the facade of the Casa Museu d'Areny - Plandolit.
  • The proximity of the ski center of Ordino-Arcalis Vallnord is the great attraction and dynamism of the parish. Although it is the smallest ski resort
  • Throughout the valley you will enjoy interesting hiking trails by leaping mountains, crossing valleys and small high mountain streams, between forests and spectacular panoramic views.

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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency in Ansalonga, Ordino. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the characteristics of our properties and the places where they are located. In addition, if you are a foreign real estate investor, we have a specialized department that can inform you of all tax advantages and legal requirements to invest in the purchase of a house or property in Ansalonga.

If you are interested in living in this valley of the parish of Ordino and you are looking for a house or a flat to buy, Andorra Sotheby's International Realty is your real estate agency.

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