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Andorra Sotheby's International Realty has a total of 3 properties to buy in village of Aixirivall. We are the real estate agency in Aixirivall that can offer you the service you need to find the house or flat you are looking for with the maximum satisfaction.

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Living in Aixirivall, residential exclusivity in the upper area of Sant Julià de Lòria

Located in the southeast of Sant Julià de Lòria, specifically 2.5 km away from the centre of the parish, the town of Aixirivall is a small Andorran village of a little bit more than 930 inhabitants (figure collected by the end of 2017 by the Department of Statistics of the Government of Andorra).

To reach this municipality, which is located at the top of the Lauredian parish, you must drive through the Main Road 1 (CG1) and once you reach the main roundabout of the parish, located just in the centre of Sant Julià de Lòria, take the exit that connects with the road of La Rabassa and later the drift to the road of La Peguera. From this moment on it will be the same road, with winding curves and incredible views to the valleys of Andorra, which will be a preview of what is waiting for us when arriving at Aixirivall: a practically “virgin” place with some of the more exclusive properties of Andorra.

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The best you can do to contemplate the beauty and majesty of the natural surroundings of Aixirivall is to make a brief stop at the Coll de la Plana viewpoint. From this privileged point, which is just at the entrance to Aixirivall, you can not only enjoy incredible views to the valley of Sant Julià de Lòria, but also know in detail, thanks to different informative panels, the vegetation and orography that surrounds this small town.

Once in Aixirivall, it is impossible not to lose yourself in the bucolic streets of the old town and to visit emblematic places such as the main square, the church of Sant Pere and the old school of the village. Apart from the beauty of the Aixirivall's surroundings, another of the remarkable aspects of this town is the rustic-style architecture that predominates in most of the streets and that mixes perfectly with the surroundings, being practically impossible to find a building that breaks this sophisticated status quo.

From an etymological point of view, the village of Aixirivall is already mentioned in a documentation from the year 1176. In fact, different experts consider that Aixirivall is a pre-Roman place name.

Featured sites in Aixirivall

  • Church of Sant Pere d'Aixirivall: built in 1603, as indicated by the inscription on the wooden lintel of the main facade, the church of Sant Pere d'Aixirivall is a baroque building with a rectangular floor and without a visible apse from the outside. Inside, the altarpiece made by the sculptor Antoni Tremulles and the painter Jeroni Hereida, ordered in 1619, stands out.
  • Aixirivall Fountain: like in many other villages in Andorra, Aixirivall has some public drinking water fountains. The first is the Aixirivall one, a fountain in the centre of the village popularly known as the “fountain of the village”, in which there are two dates engraved: 1877 (probably the date of construction) and 1958 (moment in which the Comú (local government) carried out improvement works). Just by the side, if you cross a wooden door, you can reach a small covered well, popularly known as “el pou”. Originally, when there was no running water, this was the place where people picked up water and washed their clothes.
  • Carborreu Fountain: in spite of not being exactly in the village, the Carborreu Fountain is very close to Aixirivall, concretely in the path of La Rabassa. Parallel to this fountain, which stands out due to its abundance of water, the river with the same name is born.
  • Church of Sant Antoni de la Peguera: as with the Carborreu Fountain, the church of Sant Antoni de la Peguera is not in the village of Aixirivall, but is in the woods, in a souteast direction. It is a small stone church dedicated to Sant Antoni, which stands out above all for the beauty of the landscapes that surround it. Today, you can only visit the exterior, since the interior is closed to the public.
  • Ruta cicloturística de La Peguera: of 13.9 km, the route that separates Sant Julià de Lòria from La Peguera is one of the most impressive and discerning mountain passes in Andorra. La Peguera pass, which has been home of great cycling events, has one of the best cycling routes, especially for those who love ascending, with ramps that reach an average gradient of 8.4%. Indeed, the road of La Peguera becomes, in its final section, the emblematic road of La Rabassa, a road that connects, in just 10 minutes, the village of Aixirivall with the family and adventures park of Naturlandia, one of the great tourist attractions of Andorra.

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If you have already decided that the Principality of Andorra will be your new place of residence and you are interested in discovering more properties in another village in the same parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, we recommend you to visit the webpages buy a flat or buy a house in other villages of the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria.

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