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Living in Aixovall, tranquility a few meters from the centre of Sant Julià de Lòria

Located just halfway between Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria, Aixovall is a small town, of just 94 inhabitants (figure collected by the Department of Statistics of the Government of Andorra at the end of 2017), which belongs to the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria.

To reach this village, which bounds in the east by the Valiray river and in the south by the Os River, you must drive along the Main Road 1 (CG1) and take the first exit at the roundabout that is located just in the fork that divides the road into two sections, the first one that leads to the Tàpia tunnel and a second section that transversally crosses the parish and connects with its interior.

Aixovall andorra

Apart from being surrounded by an imposing natural environment, the village of Aixovall stands out because of its excellent connections, both with neighboring parishes of Sant Julia de Lòria and Andorra la Vella as well as with the towns of Bixessarri, Aixàs or Os de Civís. In this way, living in Aixovall is synonymous with doing it in a place that is far from the hustle and bustle of the most central areas, but without this being an isolation from the main urban centres of the Principality.

Aixovall, small dimensions with important facilities

Despite being one of the smallest villages in Andorra, Aixovall has some of the most important facilities in Andorra. Right by the entrance of the village, specifically at the roundabout that connects with the Main Road 6 (CG-6), there is the Professional Training Centre of Aixovall, one of the main training centres in Andorra.

Although it is not open to the public, there is also another important installation in Aixovall: the Cultural Heritage restoration workshop of the Government of Andorra. In this workshop not only some of the most complex restoration projects in the country are carried out, such as the restoration work of the Baroque altarpiece of the Purísima Sang of Sant Serni de Canillo, but also important heritage works, such as the Santa Coloma frescoes, one of the most valued Romanesque paintings in the country.

Featured sites in Aixovall

  • Aixovall Vocational Training Centre: located only 3 km away, the Aixovall Vocational Training Center is another of the outstanding places near this town. Driven by the Ministry of Education, this centre offers its own education suitable to the socio-economic reality of Andorra, thus covering the needs of the current labour market.
  • Aixovall Fountains: without a doubt, the fountains are another highlight of Aixovall. In this way, despite being a small village, Aixovall has up to three different fountains. The first one, known as the Àrtic or La Tosca fountain, is located on the main road. The names of this fountain are not a chance, since the former refers to a place where the vegetation is burned to gain cultivable land on the mountain, while the latter refers to the calcareous nature of the area. At the moment, this fountain is supplied with water from the public network. The second fountain, very close to the old road that connects with Bixessarri, is the Joans Fountain. This fountain is well known because in the past it was a popular stopping point during the day of the Canòlich encounter. The last fountain is the Còms Fountain, which is after the municipality of Canòlich. Today, the space that surrounds this fountain has been set up as a picnic and family recreation area.
  • Church of Santa Filomena: this small church, currently surrounded by the courtyard of a private house, is part of the heritage site of Aixovall. Although there is not much documentation on this building nor references on its history, the interior of the Church of Santa Filomena stands out for its majestic ceramic mural, a work from the artist Sergi Mas. This work represents the Holy Family crossing the river Valira through the bridge of Aixovall. This emblematic bridge, already documented in 1176, was used in ancient times to reach the sanctuary of Canòlich, but disappeared during the 1982 floods.
  • Via Ferrata of Aixovall: with a length of 150 meters and 40 meters of altitude, the Via Ferrata of Tossal Gran of Aixovall is a short and urban road, of low difficulty, located just at the foot of the Gran Valira river and ascends through the walls of the Tossal Gran. Although the main route is of low difficulty, there is a fairly more complex free access variant, which has an important gradient to reach a height of 990 meters.
  • Os River: the Os river, which bounds the village of Aixovall in the south, is one of the most unique rivers in Andorra, given that it has the peculiarity of rising in the Andorran flatland of Setúria, crossing the village of Os de Civís in Alt Urgell and ending in Andorran territory, specifically in Valira.

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