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Living in Auvinyà, 11 centuries of history

The most singular village in Andorra. Although a priori it may seem risky to categorize a location so forcefully, in the case of Auvinyà, adjectives such as curious, peculiar, different or unique fall short. To understand the uniqueness of this village, with a population of just 221 inhabitants, we must go back to 2005, when the village of Auvinyà began to take shape thanks to a private initiative carried out by the Fiter family.

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Auvinyà, a faithful recreation of a town of the Andorran medieval

To recreate with the utmost exactitude the essence of a typical town of the Andorran medieval. This was the main objective of the Fiter family when in 2005 decided to begin the construction of the old town of Auvinyà, being the lawyer Ricard Fiter in charge of it. Thanks to this private urban development project, which was extended for more than 5 years, a total of 19 houses and a church, the one of Sant Ivo, joined the only group of ancestral homes that existed at that time. Thus, in just five years, Auvinyà went from being a vestige of the past, dating back to the ninth century when there was a settlement called Albigano, to being an emblematic village of Andorra, offering residence to more than 20 families.

The church of Sant Ivo, tribute to the patriarch of the Fiter family

The church of Sant Ivo, in addition to the 19 houses that were designed, the urban initiative of Auvinyà stood out, above all, because of the construction of the church of Sant Ivo. With a Romanesque style and of small dimensions, this church was created to pay homage to the patriarch of the Fiter family; for this reason, it was decided to use his name (Ivo) to “baptize” this church. It was open in 2011 by the archbishop of Urgell and co-prince of Andorra, Joan-Enric Vives. The religious jurisdiction belongs to the bishopric of Urgell, while the civil power is in the hands of the Fiter family.

Auvinya, the only village in Andorra that can just be accessed by foot

The accessibility to Auvinyà is, without a doubt, another aspect that makes this village one of the most uniques in Andorra. Thus, Auvinyà is today the only village in Andorra that can just be accessed by foot, a measure that has helped to preserve the rustic and bucolic essence of the beutiful old town. Apart from this singularity, the village of Auvinyà hides many other curiosities, especially among its houses. In this way, it is very curious to observe how any house in this urban nucleus is numbered, since instead of a number, each house has its own name, perfectly identifiable in a wrought iron that is at the entrance of the buildings. Another of the important singularities of Auvinyà is that any house looks the same, so that each of the 19 houses has very different designs and dimensions.

Living in Auvinyà, synonymous with tranquility and quality of life

Located just 2 minutes away from the centre of Sant Julià de Lòria, specifically at the left end of the Valira river, the village of Auvinyà offers its little more than 220 inhabitants (figure collected by the end of 2017 by the Statistics Department from the Government of Andorra), a perfect place to enjoy a quiet, relaxed life and, above all, away from the noise of the urban centres. For this reason, living in Auvinyà is synonymous with doing it in an incredible place, a town surrounded by an enviable natural environment that offers a great quality of life to all its residents.

Featured sites in Auvinyà

  • Church of Sant Romà d'Auvinyà: located at the top of the village of Auvinyà, specifically at the end of a mountain range, the church of Sant Romà is a small rectangular building with a rectangular apse. On the outside, the arch has abutments on either side, while the cover, on two sides, has a wooden structure in the nave and a barrel vault in the apse. Restored in 1964 following a project by the architect Cèsar Martinell, the church of Sant Romà d'Auvinyà is a the typical of construction of the tenth century.
  • House Auvinyà: without a doubt, the town of Auvinyà is known by the connection of the lands with the wine sector. Indeed, different studies coincide in pointing out that the name of Auvinyà is very possibly a derivation of the word 'vinya' (vineyard). Thus, at 1200 meters of altitude, Casa Auvinyà is a small author's winery that, although being in the sector for just a few years, has already been consolidated as a benchmark, both inside and outside the borders of Andorra, for its wines' great quality. With around 1,500 bottles per year production, the great attraction of Casa Auvinyà is the red wine, an unprecedented product, since it is the first red wine produced in Andorra.
  • Dama Blanca Sculpture: located at the entrance of Auvinyà, exactly where the historic town of Albigano is believed to have been established, the Dama Blanca Sculpture recalls one of the most famous legends of Andorra. Created by the artist Toni Cruz in 2014, this sculpture aims to be an identity symbol, as the legend represents, which is a praise for the freedom, strength and independence of the Andorran people in the body of a white protective lady.

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